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"wipe away the tears when you feel the need to cry.."

woo ! mylanta. i`m just about bored. tomorrow`s the biiiiiig ONE full year anniversary!! oh, i just can`t wait. oh the possibilities of what`s going to happen. see what i anticipate is that i won`t have the same problems i do daily as tomorrow. but i am indeed feeling a tad apprehensive. but it`ll be straight. i know this ;D

after school today, i overcame a realization that i was in need of buying a disposable camera. yes. so i went up to target and purchased the damn thing for tomorrow`s rejoicement. i`ve just got to have pictures, you know? well, while i was in there, i was walking by this woman and her probably 4year old son. and he`s like mommy please buy me this tape. and she`s all "no!" and then he says the sweetest quote. "i`ll buy you anything you want when i grow up.." it was just so... cute ;/ well, i need to go write jessica<3 back. you know.. in a note ;/ yes. good day<3*!`
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