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"you should be here.."

the storm inside of me isn`t fully over. i`m still feeling melancholy. and where are my friends? they just left and haven`t arrived back.. nothing to do. well, while i was insanely bored this morning, i looked for an art school to go to. yesterday mrs. crouch told me about the Nossi College of Art. it`s in nashville. and that`s probably where i`ll be going. i`d be the happiest i`ll ever be if someone invited me or made reservations at an art gallery here in clarksville. that`s the one thing i want to do before death. just to spend a day at a fucking gallery. and i don`t mean the museum. cause ours is dull. my own boyfriend won`t even go to the river with me.. well i have no further sayings. i might just go back to sleep.

quite amusing ;D
i am

what sexual performer are you?
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