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"got everything in my mama`s name.."

there are days when i wish i could figure out things on my own, like why some days i can take shit from someone and others i can`t control my emotions.. and i just break down and cry. in front of the one i love ;/ i`m accepting the fact into my life that i`m a fuck up. i don`t have manners overall. or maybe i do, i just chose to not ever put them to use. at times, i`ll forget to say thank you or your welcome. demented things like that ;[ now i just want to give up on all the assets i`ve risen.. just forget it all and start out from nothing. and let things be taken their own way. when i don`t have to think what i`m doing. to decide the morality of the matter. to cry in the end of the matter if it was my fault. or something to that . . . sort. that`s how i see it though.. i`m not fucked up with it, just on the real. i`m really having some problems tonight.. and i got no one to turn to. always on my own

anyway now i`m enjoying an excruciating game of Slingo. maybe this will brighten my mood. i`m definately hoping.
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