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"i still love you.."

jackson was a hoot<33!!@` you know it. i was disappointed in the turnout of NO TAN MEN in sight. jesus me. although that Chris Burgess has some courtesy&amiability. i should have gotten him to tell me what Alan had said about me. i don`t know what i was thinking. i think i ate a little much today also. i think it was almost 6meals. i guess it`s okay.. just as long as i don`t get too fat where i can`t fit my fuckin clothes like some peoples whose names don`t need mentioning. but moving on, i miss my honey bunches of oats<3 i don`t know where that man is. well, i`m getting me some rest. i need to catch up on the sleep routines before i have to return to school. bye now&one love.

and i still don`t quite understand everything with jessica and travis. but i guess that`s straight. maybe sometimes... it`s better for me not to understand fully.

and also much credit to Rebecca for my image ;D i`m leaning for some fucking comments. shit pisses me off, not fun nomore you know.
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