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so i had a pretty straight anniversary. i want to just.. live at his house. maybe i`ll get to go back to Alan`s. yeuh. so all we did was "lolly around" in bed together and caress one another. then we left and went to the mall to get out gifts. and we went into mae wok`s and ate and "lishl al" was telling this family that he eats there twice a day.. which he does but today he was going to eat with his wife of a year. i was just touched ;D he bought me a bracelet with love you baby engraved. and i got him some sexy cortez. yeah, i know. shoes for our anniversary. i get what the man needs not what i want to get him. that`s just how shit be. and that`s about it. the rest is pretty personal ;x heh, i think you all know what i`m referring to ;] then the fucker has to call me when he gets home and says "i`m just calling to tell you i`m leaving with Carlos, babe." muthafucker.. pisses me off. that was the one thing i had hoped out of him, to just stay home on this one fuckin day and talk to me. i guess he though buying me something and spending time with me was enough. yeah, so now i`m a bit let down. not because he left but because.. he isn`t considerate of today.. well anyway, i hope we have many more anniversaries and so on ;D i love that Alan Rajnoor ;P his discreteness of captivity is absolutely enlightening. i say enlightening. k. i`m done for now.

Alan ; Alfonzo ; BabyLove
Krista ; BabyGirl <3<3*`.
Eternal&True Love
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