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yo niggie<33!!

PRAiSE THE LORD!! for someone like jessica. at least she understands where i`m coming from about everyone`s problem with carrying on about their "fascinating" clothes. i am tellin you. people be actin a damn fool. anyway, i can see how fuckin happy some of you are for me when i`m happy. really, it just warms my heart. oh good God. so beyond all that shit, i had a good day. i actually got some loving and affection from someone. that`s always some sexy stuff. well i`m a girl with not a lot of words.. but one more thing. i`d like it immensely if rachel would just shut her fucking mouth about me and the way i happen to be. which, let`s not forget, was chosen by the Lord. i don`t understand why whenever i`m brought up in a conversation that it`s always about me never talking or having much to say. bitch get some brains and you wouldn`t be the ho you is today .. maybe then you could even proclaim that i don`t like yo ass. and i`m bein on the real but yeah.. i`ve said too much about her..k. bye now niggie`s<33!!`
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