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[22 May 2002|06:42pm]
okay, most of my entries are gone because their friends only or some shit. and i really have no clue what i`m doing. so now i`ve changed my mind and i need a code for a new journal. anyone have any offerings. it`d help greatly <3
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[22 May 2002|02:45pm]
some bitch just called me ugly. she`s probably right. ;/ :cries:
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awkward emotion.. [24 Apr 2002|10:18pm]
woo! i was reading dear jessica`s journal = twiixx. and she is typically correct about guys being only sexually useful. but that`s only in most cases ;D and she called me insightful.. dude man, i feel too consoled.

jessica`s also right on another subject.. who would of ever thought me and Alan. together for a damn year. we`re complete opposites.. but yet compatible.
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exultion<3!`* [24 Apr 2002|07:54pm]
[ mood | perplexed ]

so i had a pretty straight anniversary. i want to just.. live at his house. maybe i`ll get to go back to Alan`s. yeuh. so all we did was "lolly around" in bed together and caress one another. then we left and went to the mall to get out gifts. and we went into mae wok`s and ate and "lishl al" was telling this family that he eats there twice a day.. which he does but today he was going to eat with his wife of a year. i was just touched ;D he bought me a bracelet with love you baby engraved. and i got him some sexy cortez. yeah, i know. shoes for our anniversary. i get what the man needs not what i want to get him. that`s just how shit be. and that`s about it. the rest is pretty personal ;x heh, i think you all know what i`m referring to ;] then the fucker has to call me when he gets home and says "i`m just calling to tell you i`m leaving with Carlos, babe." muthafucker.. pisses me off. that was the one thing i had hoped out of him, to just stay home on this one fuckin day and talk to me. i guess he though buying me something and spending time with me was enough. yeah, so now i`m a bit let down. not because he left but because.. he isn`t considerate of today.. well anyway, i hope we have many more anniversaries and so on ;D i love that Alan Rajnoor ;P his discreteness of captivity is absolutely enlightening. i say enlightening. k. i`m done for now.

Alan ; Alfonzo ; BabyLove
Krista ; BabyGirl <3<3*`.
Eternal&True Love
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"wipe away the tears when you feel the need to cry.." [23 Apr 2002|04:31pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

woo ! mylanta. i`m just about bored. tomorrow`s the biiiiiig ONE full year anniversary!! oh, i just can`t wait. oh the possibilities of what`s going to happen. see what i anticipate is that i won`t have the same problems i do daily as tomorrow. but i am indeed feeling a tad apprehensive. but it`ll be straight. i know this ;D

after school today, i overcame a realization that i was in need of buying a disposable camera. yes. so i went up to target and purchased the damn thing for tomorrow`s rejoicement. i`ve just got to have pictures, you know? well, while i was in there, i was walking by this woman and her probably 4year old son. and he`s like mommy please buy me this tape. and she`s all "no!" and then he says the sweetest quote. "i`ll buy you anything you want when i grow up.." it was just so... cute ;/ well, i need to go write jessica<3 back. you know.. in a note ;/ yes. good day<3*!`

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"you should be here.." [13 Apr 2002|04:06pm]
the storm inside of me isn`t fully over. i`m still feeling melancholy. and where are my friends? they just left and haven`t arrived back.. nothing to do. well, while i was insanely bored this morning, i looked for an art school to go to. yesterday mrs. crouch told me about the Nossi College of Art. it`s in nashville. and that`s probably where i`ll be going. i`d be the happiest i`ll ever be if someone invited me or made reservations at an art gallery here in clarksville. that`s the one thing i want to do before death. just to spend a day at a fucking gallery. and i don`t mean the museum. cause ours is dull. my own boyfriend won`t even go to the river with me.. well i have no further sayings. i might just go back to sleep.

quite amusing ;D
i am

what sexual performer are you?
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"got everything in my mama`s name.." [12 Apr 2002|10:47pm]
[ mood | shitty ]

there are days when i wish i could figure out things on my own, like why some days i can take shit from someone and others i can`t control my emotions.. and i just break down and cry. in front of the one i love ;/ i`m accepting the fact into my life that i`m a fuck up. i don`t have manners overall. or maybe i do, i just chose to not ever put them to use. at times, i`ll forget to say thank you or your welcome. demented things like that ;[ now i just want to give up on all the assets i`ve risen.. just forget it all and start out from nothing. and let things be taken their own way. when i don`t have to think what i`m doing. to decide the morality of the matter. to cry in the end of the matter if it was my fault. or something to that . . . sort. that`s how i see it though.. i`m not fucked up with it, just on the real. i`m really having some problems tonight.. and i got no one to turn to. always on my own

anyway now i`m enjoying an excruciating game of Slingo. maybe this will brighten my mood. i`m definately hoping.

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exhaustion. 04 - 09 - 02 [10 Apr 2002|05:10pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

i just got off the phone with Alan`s ma. she`s always a good inspiration, a good shoulder to cry on ;/ i talked with her for 2 hours. i never even talked to my other boyfriends parents.. even carried on a 2minute conversation. it just wasn`t important like it is with Alan. it wasn`t as intimate i don`t suppose. but well, i understand so many things through her, she`s the perfect guidance.

anyway though, i forgot to mention my all time favorite highlight of the day. when alan&myself was leaving, we was holding hands and these sexy youngins were saying awwh, so sweet ;D alright goodbye and have a pleasant tomorrow ;D nomore updates. i want comments ;/

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yo niggie<33!! [09 Apr 2002|05:45pm]
[ mood | discontent? ]

PRAiSE THE LORD!! for someone like jessica. at least she understands where i`m coming from about everyone`s problem with carrying on about their "fascinating" clothes. i am tellin you. people be actin a damn fool. anyway, i can see how fuckin happy some of you are for me when i`m happy. really, it just warms my heart. oh good God. so beyond all that shit, i had a good day. i actually got some loving and affection from someone. that`s always some sexy stuff. well i`m a girl with not a lot of words.. but one more thing. i`d like it immensely if rachel would just shut her fucking mouth about me and the way i happen to be. which, let`s not forget, was chosen by the Lord. i don`t understand why whenever i`m brought up in a conversation that it`s always about me never talking or having much to say. bitch get some brains and you wouldn`t be the ho you is today .. maybe then you could even proclaim that i don`t like yo ass. and i`m bein on the real but yeah.. i`ve said too much about her..k. bye now niggie`s<33!!`

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happiness <3 [08 Apr 2002|05:05pm]
[ mood | excited ]

no one can fucking imagine how remarkably HAPPY&CONTENT i finally have become<3333!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D my mom said that my whole little plan with me and alan`s anniversary.. is just perfect!! goodness me.. i am just too happy. i actually thought she was going to give me the regular bullshit. youuu know.. how parents delay and all that. now Alan is being demented and acting like he`s mad cause i`m keeping not one but two secrets from him about this all. but i`m just doing it to show how much he brings out the me inside of.. me. and how special he truely is. it`s for his good for God`s sake and he doesn`t understand why i wont just tell him.. but that will make me "lose my cause." i`ll update later. must conversate ;D

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fuck ;/ [07 Apr 2002|06:08pm]
[ mood | amused ]

okay. i wear a wifebeater and so what if my bra happens to be showing a bit. that doesn`t mean i`m trying to come off as a skank to my fucking boyfriend of a YEAR. you know, some parents need to just enter our generation. lmao. my mom assumed alan`s hands were "in my shirt."

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dumbasses today ;/ [05 Apr 2002|11:39pm]
[ mood | angry ]

one last fuckin remark everyone. JOURNALING about what clothes and accessories you got and how many you got. well let`s just say it`s pretty obvious how much courtesy you don`t have for others. some people hardly ever get new clothes and for you to just rub it in their faces about your stupid ass clothes well you need to just fucking blow it out your ass. that`s the only place it really belongs to be dead serious. i just want to give a big fuck you to the ones that just constantly carry on about such useless things. no one gives two shits about what clothes you have purchased. i`m sorry if you don`t like it. but people just simply don`t. well i`ve done my part. goodbye ;D

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"i still love you.." [05 Apr 2002|11:26pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

jackson was a hoot<33!!@` you know it. i was disappointed in the turnout of NO TAN MEN in sight. jesus me. although that Chris Burgess has some courtesy&amiability. i should have gotten him to tell me what Alan had said about me. i don`t know what i was thinking. i think i ate a little much today also. i think it was almost 6meals. i guess it`s okay.. just as long as i don`t get too fat where i can`t fit my fuckin clothes like some peoples whose names don`t need mentioning. but moving on, i miss my honey bunches of oats<3 i don`t know where that man is. well, i`m getting me some rest. i need to catch up on the sleep routines before i have to return to school. bye now&one love.

and i still don`t quite understand everything with jessica and travis. but i guess that`s straight. maybe sometimes... it`s better for me not to understand fully.

and also much credit to Rebecca for my image ;D i`m leaning for some fucking comments. shit pisses me off, not fun nomore you know.

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[04 Apr 2002|11:23pm]
[ mood | naughty ]

ya`ll i got me a hot date tomorrow. with my bitch Cara. travelling down to Jackson for the weekend. you know how bisexual shit be ;P straight freakin it all night too. woo i`m already over here creamin. nah but she is taking me down there and all that so i can get me some digits from some tan men. if she isn`t lyin to me about them boys she saw. i`ll be ferious is she is. dirty ass ho ;x whaoo, now i`m over here in a fuckin fine puerto ricans chat. well bye now.

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can`t help but update.. [03 Apr 2002|08:39pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

i find it hard to believe that it`s already April ;T in just three weeks it`ll be a year for Alan&myself. demented right there. i want to just .. talk to him. like that song by vanessa carlton.. i`d walk a thousand miles if i could just see you tonight. that`s how i`m starting to feel here. not rad.

George Lopez<3 on abc is one sexy puerto rican. goodness.. if i was married to him and was that old i`d be feelin hella lucky. goodness, goodness. and he has humor too ;D he reminds me of little Ramone Lopez from school. buhha angel ramone lopez.

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"Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin pussy.." [03 Apr 2002|06:18pm]
when i was paying for my hair and all that shit, my mom got in my way so i pushed her out of the fucking way. harh. then i was like, "i`m hungry you know, and i don`t want your food tonight." so she got angered. i guess it`s beginning to be that time again of the month. Good God. when we got in the car she got real fucking mad and hit me cause she say i think nothing of all the shit she does for the family. it`s becoming a broken record after this long. she always be complaining over that shit. it gets fuckin old. bleh ;/ i`m bored so i feel like drawing. bye!
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empathize. [03 Apr 2002|01:17pm]
[ mood | in a hurry ]

so uhh Jessica told me to journal. and here i am about to leave to get my hair altered a little. just a trim and some more layers. that type shit. by the way, is art school also college? cause i`m not going to college.. i`m going to art school. and people look at me funny that i`m not attending college AND THEN i tell them art school. Good God you people ;/ disrespect people`s interests much? anyway, i haven`t talked to my man in a day and a half. "sometimes when someone pushes you away it makes you more than likely to want to attach yourselves to them." that`s unbelievable yet true. yeah.. i just looked at some of indigoflo's art. if i only i was as good as her i`d have even more confidence in art. rebecca can do anything i swear.

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"weave weave in they hair, weed in they purse, Still Crunk!" [02 Apr 2002|10:23pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

i was just thinking about love. something i try extremely hard to think over. i hate getting bored and then love always has to come to mind. well, the issue is i feel that inside of me i have a strong and passionate yearning to feel loved&missed. i don`t feel missed by my babylove. i basically feel used. maybe this is temporary. maybe he`ll decide to call earlier tonight. i can`t stand the constant 3 oclock in the morning phone calls.

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"round and round we go..." [02 Apr 2002|05:26pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Spring Break is becoming almost vapid. and sucks some real fucking immense never-ending hairy dick when livejournal is being demented ;/ then everything online is just ..well... boring.

hmm. i was just glancing over my personal info page and uhhh i don`t have any male friends. that`s pretty sad. you know, i wish i had some male friends. girl friends are good enough. but i feel the need to have males too ;[

amazingly, on the road i saw Alan with his man Carlos. harh.. they just had to stare at me i guess. they had to go to court. those rebels ;x also rednecks too. wasn`t even wearing shirts to court ;D

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[01 Apr 2002|10:54am]
april fools . april fools . april fools .

what is it?
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